woensdag 28 maart 2007

donderdag 22 maart 2007

Molecular Gastronomy

White chocolate and caviar
Strawberry and coriander
Strawberry, celery leaves and mint
Mango and pine extract
Green peppercorn jelly and beetroot
Snails and Beetroot
Chocolate and pink peppercorn
Carrot and violet
Carrot and coriander seeds
Mango and violet
Pineapple, blue cheese and white wine
Caraway and lavender are surprisingly interchangeable
Cauliflower (caramelized) and cocoa
Liver and Jasmine
Cooked cheese (like Parmesan and Gruyere) and honey (with a slightly chestnut character)
Banana and parsley
Harissa (chili paste) and dried apricot
Chocolate and smoked eel (and possibly other smoked flavours as well?)
Coffee, cooked meat, popcorn, canned tuna, slightly roasted white sesam seeds and yeast extracts

(via http://khymos.org/pairings.php)

vrijdag 9 maart 2007

donderdag 8 maart 2007

handige weetjes!

Hoe we met onze trouwe viervoeter om moet gaan weten we vaak al, maar hoe is het gesteld met je kennis over niet-menselijke primaten?