dinsdag 24 februari 2015

This is a working example how to start the open-source Cluster Manager Apache Mesos in docker with RabbitMQ as example application.

Step 1: Start  Zookeeper 

Step 2: Start Mesos Master node 

Step 3a: Start Mesos Slave node 01, with docker over local unix socket, or..

Step 3b: Start Mesos Slave node 01, with docker over tcp socket

Step 4: Start Marathon to deploy docker applications in the cluster

Step 5: Generate a application deployment json, in this case for RabbitMQ

Step 6: Upload the deployment json into the cluster, thereby starting RabbitMQ

If everything went well the following pages are active:
  • http://:5050
  • http://:8080
To check where the managment page of RabbitMQ can be found, check with docker which external port is being mapped:

$ docker ps
e20b7e044e17 rabbitmq:management>5672/tcp,>15672/tcp mesos-4d56e476-b13e-4ac7-87ac-1b292f7cf96b

The management page can be found at:

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